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Italian Renaissance and Baroque dances

August 1st to 7th, 2019
Coimbra - Portugal

By Bruna Gondoni et Cecília Grácio Moura


This course is intended for all those who are interested in dance from the 15th to the 18th centuries. Amateurs, curious, musicians, singers, actors, can enjoy dances like Bassadanza, Passamezzo, Gailiarda, Balletto, Menuet, Sarabande, Bourrée, Chaconne and other repertoire dances and Italian and French period.
The two levels proposed, beginners / intermediate and intermediate / advanced, allow to welcome professional dancers as well as trainees with experience in dance.


REN B/I = Italian Renaissance Dance for beginners / intermediate
REN I/AD= Italian Renaissance Dance for intermediate / advanced
BAR B/I = Baroque Dance for beginners / intermediate
BAR I/AD = Baroque Dance for intermediate / advanced
Sunday, August 4th: free. A cultural program will be proposed to you.


DNA Dance Arts School, Pavilhão Eng. Jorge AnjinhoRua Infanta D. Maria, nº23, 3030-330 Coimbra, Portugal 

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We offer two disciplines, Italian Renaissance Dance and Baroque Dance, divided into four courses that can be chosen separately or in a row. Each course will include a total of 12 hours of training.

Italian renaissance dance program

Both courses will include specific work on the 15th and 16th century styles.

• Beginners / Intermediate: cascarda "La Castellana" de Fabrizio Caroso, Il Ballarino, 1581.
Study of the style and some variations on the 15th century Italian bassedanse.

• Intermediate / Advanced: balletto "Gagliardi Di Spagna" de Fabrizio Caroso, Nobiltà di Dame, 1600.
Work on movimenti accidentali in the Italian bassadanza of the 15th century.

Baroque dance program

• Beginners / Intermediate:
We propose a dance course on the forms of French suite : menuet, sarabande, bourrée, chaconne, passacaille.
We will study excerpts from different repertory dances of the early 18th century.

•  Intermediate / Advanced: 
Entrée pour une femme, dansée par Mlle Guilot.
Chorégraphe, Guillaume-Louis Pécour, publiée par Gaudau en 1713.
Musique by Jean-Baptiste Lully, extraite de la tragédie Atys.
Link : (p.67 et 68 di livro)

Jigg, danse pour un couple.
Chorégraphe, Anthony L’Abbé, publié par François Le Rousseau en 1725.
Musique by La Coste, extract from the tragedy Bradamante.
La Contredanse (gigue pour couple)
Chorégraphe, Guillaume-Louis Pécour, publiée par Gaudau en 1713.
Musique by La Coste, extract from the tragedy Bradamante.
Link : (p.16-18 1ère partie do livro)

Cultural program

(Comming soon!).


Annual membership (obligatory) to the association Les Fêtes d’Hébé: 30 €


We ask you to pay at the time of registration a deposit including membership (if you are not already a member of the association Les Fêtes d'Hébé, for the year 2018/2019) and 25% fees.

No registration will be effective without this payment (see cancellation policy). The second part of the payment must be done until July 30th.

The settlement will be:
• for French students, by bank check payable to the Association Les Fêtes d'Hébé, or by bank transfer.
• for foreign students, by bank transfer to the association's account.

Registration form

Conditions of registration and cancellation

The Association Les Fêtes d'Hébé reserves the right to cancel the course in case of force majeure. In case of cancellation of the course by the Association Les Fêtes d'Hébé, trainees are reimbursed in full for sums already paid to the Association, to the exclusion of any other commitment outside the Association. In case of cancellation on the part of trainees, after July 15, 2019, 25% of the total (teaching fees) remains acquired by the Association, as well as membership. The internship is not refundable after July 30, 2019.

Useful information



To help you in your search for accommodation, we offer a list of places pleasant and recommendable.

• Quinta das lágrimas Hôtel de Luxe :

• Casa de hóspedes Miguel Torga

• Living Santa Cruz :

• Casas de São Bento :

• Hotel Sapiência :

• Hotel Vila Galé :

• Pousada da juventude em Coimbra :

• Casas do arco e casas da Comédia :

• Hotel Ibn-Arrik :

• Grannys House Coimbra

• Instituto Secular da Sagrada Família – ISSF : Tél 00 351 239 718 768

Apartments to share with other students.

· Free from July 25th.

· 18 minutes walk from the course site.

· Map: Rua Dr. Santos Rocha

Apartment 1
(up to 5 people).
Price: 300 € / week, 50 € the extra day.
Number of rooms: 5

Bathrooms: 2 (only 1 with shower / bath)

Apartment 2 (up to 3 people).
Price: 250 € / week, 50 € the extra day.
Number of rooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2 (only 1 with shower / bath)

Space and facilities to share:
· Kitchen
· Hangers
· Washing machine
· Wireless

For more information:, sending photos on request..


Both portuguese airports, Lisbon and Oporto are good choices to get to Coimbra. In both of them, using the metro and the train you reach Coimbra in aproximately 3 hours.

• Lisbon Airport. Then short trip by metro, then count 1:30 train to arrive in Coimbra.

• Porto Sá Carneiro Airport. Then take the metro from the airport to the Porto Campanhã railway station (count 1h15 between waiting and the trip) and then count 1 hour by train to reach Coimbra.

Flight prices, as you know, are quite interesting at the time, specially if you buy them in advance. Don´t forget august is high season!

Shuttle Buses possible from both airports, pre-arranged for the purchase of tickets and taking into account schedules!